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Leaked Froyo build available for Droid X users

MyDroidWorld has released a leaked Froyo update for the Droid X this morning which works for rooted and nonrooted users alike. This is an easy one as you just need to apply the “” file.

The instructions for the update can be found below, but a few warnings are necessary first. There is little to no chance that this is the final build of Froyo that will be sent out OTA. Getting back to stock if you wish to do so when the official OTA hits is going to mean using an sbf which while not the most difficult thing by any stretch probably isn’t something that a new user is going to want to play with.

As always update at your own risk.


  1. First thing you need to know is that your phone has to be stock to apply this update. If you have removed any bloatware you need to add it back. If you want to be rooted after this update you need to be rooted when the update starts.
  2. Download the file from either here or here.
  3. Place the file in the root of your sd card making sure that the file is named just and not which is a common mistake.
  4. Power off your phone and then power it on while holding the home button.
  5. When the triangle with the exclamation point and the android logo appears press the search button.
  6. Now select “apply” from the menu. To move within the menu you use the volume up or down buttons and select using the camera button.
  7. Your phone will now apply the update, it took approximately 5 minutes for my phone to update.
  8. After the update is complete just select to restart your phone and let it boot up. The boot process takes long than normal so don’t panic that they red eye of Sauron seems to be staring at you interminably.
  9. Alright you are now on Android 2.2 a.k.a. Froyo. Congrats!

Those that deserve thanks for one part of this update or another according to MyDroidWorld are Andrew, Cellzealot, P3droid, Birdman, and Rootzwiki.

As a quick warning on what to expect if you decide to update. A number of my widgets were broken when I first rebooted, but all of them ran fine after just clearing them out and putting them back in place. I’ve been able to download apps from the Market just fine including Chrome to Phone.

Please hit us up in comments if you have any questions or just want to let us know how the update goes for you.

Update: As some of you discovered the files were removed from MyDroidWorld’s servers due to a cease and desist order from Motorola.

Source: MyDroidWorld

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