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New myTouch HD details leak out, includes front-facing cam

T-Mobile’s leaked roadmap from last month included two more devices from HTC that are scheduled to launch later this year. One is believed to be the T-Mobile G2 and the other is myTouch HD. We have already seen renders of both phones with T-Mobile branding, but now reports are starting to come in of actual prototypes and new details are starting to emerge.

TmoNews is reporting that the myTouch HD is the phone known as the HTC Emerald from the leaked roadmap. Early speculation about T-Mobile’s secret Project Emerald had suggested a Sidekick branded device from HTC, but TmoNews is now saying that was pushed back to 2011.

The myTouch HD will be the follow up to the myTouch Slide and feature the same HTC Sense “Espresso” UI and Genius Button. Other than those two features, that is about where the similarities end. HTC’s myTouch HD will features a touch only design, display between 3.7-4.3 inches, and be the first T-Mobile phone with a front facing camera.

No details about the processor were provided, but I think there are two likely options. It could feature the 1 GHz Qualcomm MSM7230 (like the G2) or maybe the 1.2 GHz dual-core MSM8260. Qualcomm announced they had started sampling the dual-core Snapdragons, but it is uncertain when products based on those will actually launch. If the myTouch HD launches in November (as originally planned) or maybe December, I think it has a chance of including a dual-core chip.

My gut tells me that if NVIDIA and Texas Instruments can get dual-core CPUs in smartphones this year, then so can the giant Qualcomm.

Source: TmoNews

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