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T-Mobile G2 with Google confirmed as first HSPA+ handset

T-Mobile has finally confirmed the G2 rumors by sending our a short press release to the media and updating their HSPA+ handset teaser site. Official details are still scarce at this point, but I believe most of the information from our inside source is still spot on.

For starters, the full name of the product is the T-Mobile G2 with Google, which leads us to believe the G2 really is a Google-experience device that will feature the stock version of Android 2.2. T-Mobile had been using the Espresso Sense UI on their HTC handsets, but the G2 will maintain the tradition of regular vanilla FroYo Android.

We also still believe that inside the G2 you will find a Qualcomm MSM7230, which is sort of like a budget Snapdragon targeted at the mainstream audience. The MSM7230 has the same Scorpion CPU as previously commercialized in the Snapdragon QSD8x50 chipset found in other HTC phones and it has a clock speed of 800 MHz to 1 GHz. The G2 prototype was said to currently be running at 800 MHz, but I suspect it will be bumped to 1 GHz by launch.

Even though T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network supports speeds up to 21 Mbps, this device has a theoretical peak capability of 14.4 Mbps. Future handsets should eventually support 21 Mbps, but we believe the first couple of launches will be set at 14.4 Mbps (which is still faster than any competing Android phone). T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network will deliver 4G-like speeds to 185 million people this year and you can check coverage in your local area by visiting T-Mobile’s site.

I’ve already seen some sites speculate the G2 could look like the leaked images of the myTouch HD, but our sources tell us this is the QWERTY keyboard device we had been calling the G1 Blaze (pictured below).

T-Mobile will announce more details in the coming weeks, but their leaked roadmap indicated a device called the “HTC Vanguard” was slated for September 9th. We expect the G2 was codenamed Vanguard and will still launch in September, but the actual date might have been adjusted by now.

If you want to stay in the loop, make sure to visit the teaser site and sign up for future e-mail alerts. Current T-Mobile customers can get exclusive first access, so go register now if you need to upgrade that aging G1.

T-Mobile G2

The device we believe to be the T-Mobile G2.

Show Press Release

T-Mobile is proud to have launched the world’s first Android-powered phone, the T-Mobile G1, which captured the imagination of developers and consumers alike nearly two years ago.  Now, we are readying its successor – the T-Mobile G2 with Google.  Delivering tight integration with Google services, the G2 will break new ground as the first smartphone specifically designed for our advanced HSPA+ network, which delivers today’s available 4G speeds.  In the coming weeks we’ll share more details about the G2, including information on how current T-Mobile customers can get exclusive first access. Visit to register for updates.

Source: T-Mobile

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