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my6sense attempts to reduce information overload by personalizing your mobile content

UPDATE: It seems there is an overwhelming amount of requests to my6sense’s servers, causing users to have trouble downloading the application. my6sense is aware of the issue, and hopefully you should be able to download my6sense shortly.

With the rapid expansion of the internet over the last few decades, we now have a tremendous amount of information readily available at our fingertips. With 24/7 RSS feeds, news blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc., we are constantly being overloaded with information. One company is attempting to streamline the way we consume this content by providing an innovative new way to customize our content according to our viewing behavior.

You’ve probably never heard of my6sense. This is probably for good reason as until now, their smarter RSS reader has only been available on that fruity company that shall remain nameless. At about 11am EST this morning, my6sense went live on the Android market. So what exactly is my6sense, you ask? And why does it matter?

On the surface, my6sense is a way to streamline your feed so that your Google Reader, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Buzz all appear within the same stream that can be sorted by either relevance or time of posting. Below the surface however lies something my6sense calls “Digital Intuition,” which continually learns about your viewing behavior while you are viewing content in the my6sense application. my6sense then uses this learning to customize your content so that ultimately what shows up at the top of your feed are only the things you were likely to click on already.

How they accomplish this continually learning AI is somewhat of a mystery to me, though my6sense is willing to bet it’s a mystery to you as well. On the main screen of their homepage, there’s a box entitled “What the hell is Digital Intuition?” in which they encourage users who think they have my6sense’s Digital Intuition process figured out to send an email with a description or video to the applications creators. This is a pretty confident message on the part of my6sense, but reviews of the iPhone application posted on their website (from prominent sources nonetheless) seem to suggest that my6sense is really onto something with their Digital Intuition process.

So how well does my6sense actually work? Honestly, I have no idea, as I’ve only been using my6sense for a little over an hour. The beauty of my6sense is that it gets better and better the more you use it, so it’s a bit too soon to tell. You can be sure I will post a full review in a week or two once I get a better feel for my6sense. For now, I encourage you all to try it right along with me and let us know what you think in the comments.

my6sense is now available on the Android market for the low low price of free. At launch it will only support 1.6+, but will be adding support for 1.5 devices in coming weeks. ¬†For more information on the app, head over to my6sense’s website.

m6s_540 (1) Main screen relevance feed menu Relevance Feed RSS Feeds synced with google reader Time feed

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