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Secure your phone with Lookout Mobile Security

Update: As several of our readers have pointed out, just because I think anti-virus programs are unnecessary on Android doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. Viruses and malware are serious concerns, and if you have those concerns, you should be protecting your phone. As always, the choice is up to you.

With the growing threat of viruses and malware hitting the Android platform there is (very arguably) a growing need for mobile internet security suites to keep us safe from these and other threats on our phones.

Lookout, Inc. is looking to make mobile security easy with their Lookout Mobile Security application. Lookout mobile security provides users with the ability to stop viruses and hackers by providing anti-virus and firewall options, the ability to backup and restore your precious data, and the ability to remotely locate your phone from any PC using Lookout’s internet suite.

Lookout is always running in the background, and will automatically scan any applications or attachments you’ve downloaded to check them for viruses or malware. It also runs an anti-virus scan behind the scenes on a weekly basis and backs up your contacts and call history daily. If you (like me) don’t really see the need for a full fledged virus scan or data backup, these features can be turned off in the settings.

Where Lookout mobile security is really useful for me is the ability to remotely locate your phone. As someone who’s lost a phone or two in my day, being able to locate your phone may be enough to get your precious android back in your hands.


  • Protection from the growing threat of viruses, malware, and hackers.
  • Remote locate your lost or stolen phone.
  • Clean and simple to use user interface.
  • Scans downloaded applications and attachments for threats.
  • Application is small, coming in at less than 2.0 MB.


  • Have been trying this application out for a few weeks now, and haven’t really had any problems. Now, this isn’t a con per se, it just highlights my belief that antivirus and malware software really isn’t necessary on Android (more in the Final Verdict).

Final Verdict

I’ve been using Linux based operating systems for several years now, and have never used a security suite, and really haven’t needed one. With Android, I have never felt the need to have security software on my phone, and after trying Lookout, nothing has changed. If you are worried about the rampant growth of viruses and malware on Android, I’d highly encourage you to give Lookout a try. It’s certainly a good mobile security suite, and at less than 2 MB of space, it won’t take up much of your precious internal storage space.

If you’re wary of the need like I am, I probably don’t have to tell you to go ahead and skip this one.


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