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Android grows 41%, grabs another 5% of smartphone market share

4 years ago 29

If you’ve been paying attention to the mainstream media or have walked into a carrier store over the past few months, you probably don’t need us to tell you that Android is still growing.  But if you’re looking for a little more insight into just how fast Android is growing, you might be interested in comScore’s latest report.  The latest numbers show that Android has increased its U.S. market share from 12% to 17% for the three month average, ending  in July.  According to the chart above, Android was the only smartphone OS to gain market share in that same three month period.

Keep in mind, a 5% smartphone market share increase actually translates into a 41% increase for the platform itself over the previous report which went out in April.  Now that Android has a solid foothold as the third most popular smartphone OS in the U.S. market, Google will most likely be keeping a close eye on Apple’s iOS which only has 7 point advantage in market share. 

What’s your prediction?  Can Android overtake the iPhone before the year is out?