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Samsung Vibrant receives GPS fix, update quickly pulled offline

Last week the Samsung Captivate received its GPS fix and now it appears T-Mobile is close to pushing out their update for the Samsung Vibrant. Earlier today a new software update was posted on Samsung’s support page and several brave souls flashed it on their Vibrant to see what happened.

Those who successfully flashed the new update reported that GPS performance was greatly improved (along with some other bug fixes), but quite a few people also ran into problems.

For whatever reason, Samsung decided to pull the update from their site and now T-Mobile is warning their customers that they should not install the update “due to some known issues”.

T-Mobile says an over the air update will be announced soon, so I suggest leaving the leaked updates alone and waiting for the official fix to drop.

In case you were wondering, this latest update is not Android 2.2. Samsung has not announced any hard dates for their Android 2.2 updates on their Galaxy S phones in the U.S., but we still expect to see those before the end of the year.

We were hoping Samsung would upgrade their reputation and deliver FroYo by now. Unfortunately it appears they will bring up the rear as HTC and Motorola continue to lead in the area of software updates.

Can Samsung release Android 2.2 for the Galaxy S before LG updates their Ally? The race is on.

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