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T-Mobile G2 makes some early appearances, pictures and video ensue

Just 8 days shy of the official release date the T-Mobile G2 has started to pop up here and there long enough for people to actually capture the elusive beast on film (fine SD cards, but that just sounds weird to me).

The images come courtesy of TmoNews who cornered a G2 at an undisclosed retail location and took a couple dozen photos of HTC’s latest including a few of it rubbing up against a Samsung Vibrant. Check an abbreviated version of their gallery below or hit the source link for the full shoot.

Engadget managed to catch some moving pictures of the G2 at a Best Buy event in New York City. Their initial impressions were that the device was solidly built, deliciously free of added crap on top of the OS, and finally that despite the grumbling over the 800 MHz processor it feels “zippy.”

Unless you are heading to the Big Android BBQ this weekend or you were an existing Tmo customer pre-ordering this is probably as close as you’ll get to the device until launch so take it all in.

T-Mobile G2 Homescreen T-Mobile G2 back T-Mobile G2 with Samsung Vibrant T-Mobile G2 retail packaging

Via: Engadget

Source: TmoNews

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