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A closer look at T-Mobile’s latest phone in the myTouch family

Last week at CTIA I bumped into our friends from T-Mobile and I was surprised to find they had a new myTouch lying around. I was told it was a dummy unit, but I still asked to play with it so I could film a quick hands-on video.

The first thing I did was remove the back cover and discovered this was actually a working unit that had the clear plastic sheet under the battery to prevent it from turning on. Being a blogger looking for a scoop, I removed the plastic sheet and powered the device on. I saw the myTouch animation and was waiting for the phone to boot up when a T-Mobile rep saw what I was doing and kindly asked me for the battery.

myTouch family

The myTouch family compared.

The software wasn’t quite ready to show off so I couldn’t film it, but I was impressed with the design and overall build quality. The new myTouch is roughly the same size as the Nexus One, but it has some much needed upgrades like the front-facing camera and second-generation Snapdragon processor.

Thanks to a leaked spec sheet, we also learned that the myTouch will be the first Android phone to debut a new application called T-Mobile TV. The service offers on-demand videos plus “always-free programming” from ABC News Now, Fox Sports, PBS Kids, Disney, Univision, and family holiday favorites. Pre-loaded games will include Rock Band, Asphalt HD, and Monopoly.

Overall it looks like the myTouch is shaping up to be T-Mobile’s best offering this holiday season. Some hardcore users might be turned off by HTC’s Sense UI, but you always have the G2 if you prefer stock Android.

If you want to be the first to know when the T-Mobile myTouch is available, make sure you head over to the official site and register for updates.

Does the new myTouch offer enough to make you jump or will you wait till next year and hope for a dual-core phone?

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