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Google launches Google TV mini site, shows off product features

Those who have been following the news on Google TV probably know that SONY and Logitech will be officially unveiling their Google TV offerings later this month. We were not expecting any real news on the topic before then, but it looks like Google has jumped the gun a little by launching their official mini site for Google TV. The majority of the information presented is old news, but we now do have confirmation that Netflix will be supported along with Amazon video on demand, HBO Go, and CNBC. Engadget is also reporting that Google has been working very closely with Turner Broadcasting so that the websites for TNT, TBS, CNN, and a few other websites work smoothly in the Chrome browser.

So does Google TV look ready for prime time yet? If you ask us, we’d love to see Google and Hulu work something out before launch. Hulu announced that their Hulu Plus service would be coming to Android and we think the launch of Google TV would be a perfect time for that. What would it take for Google to convince you that Google TV is a must-have tech item for the holiday season?

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