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Nexus Two rumors return, is this the Samsung Gingerbread phone?

Rumors of a Nexus Two device have resurfaced thanks to a report from the City A.M., a London daily business newspaper. Some of you might remember that Motorola was originally working on a Nexus Two device, but that project was shelved when Google closed their online phone store.

Details on this new phone are limited, but it is said to debut in time for Christmas and be sold through an exclusive deal with UK retailer Carphone Warehouse.

City A.M. reports an unnamed industry source said, “It could be a solution to the problems it (Google) experienced when it tried to sell the Nexus One exclusively through its website. People like to be able to go to a store — this solves that.”

No information was provided on which company might actually manufacturer the phone and they go on to claim my story about a Samsung Google-experience phone is untrue.

I’m here to tell you that without a doubt the Samsung phone is real and there was information I was withholding that now makes me think it could end up becoming this “Nexus Two” or whatever Google decides to call it.

Originally I was told this special Samsung phone would only be given to testers this year, but seeing how Gingerbread (Android 2.3) is nearly complete it sounds like the schedule might have been moved up for a change.

Samsung Mobile will be announcing a new Android device on November 8th and we know it’s not another tablet or Chrome OS netbook. I’ve seen some suggest that Samsung will announce the Verizon Continuum, but normally these big NYC press events are reserved for huge product launches (like the Galaxy S on all carriers or the Tab on all carriers).

I don’t know what Samsung will unveil in a couple weeks, but I’ve confirmed with multiple sources they are working on a Google-experience phone based on Gingerbread so the announcement has to be coming soon. If Google and Samsung are secretly working on a phone and Google intends to enter the retail space again, it only makes sense that these two are connected.

What do you think Google has in store for the Nexus Two?

If you want to go really crazy with speculation, Carphone Warehouse is a 50% subsidiary of Best Buy, who will begin selling 4G wireless service through Clearwire soon. Guess who else is a big investor in Clearwire? Yup, Google.

Source: City A.M.

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