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Paypal support should hit the Android Market later today

Late last night someone manning the PayPal Blog got a little overeager about the news that PayPal support was finally coming to the Android Market and hit that pesky little publish button before the official announcement could be made.

This doesn’t come as a great surprise, but it is an addition that will be extremely welcome to developers and users alike. Presumably this will bring into the paid app fold all 190 countries (that’s 156 more countries than are presently supported for those keeping track at home) that are able to use PayPal and with it all of those new customers.

You can view the announcement below or follow the source link to the cached version of the blog post which will presumably go live again later today as they specifically reference the announcement being made at their Innovate 2010 Conference which ends today.

Paid app support has been dogging Android as a significant problem for quite some time now so hopefully this will bring about the end of that talking point.

Obviously those of you that are in countries that don’t presently support paid apps will be more inclined to make a purchase now, but for those of you that were already in countries that supported paid apps does this make you any more likely to make a purchase?

Paypal support comes to the Android Market

Via: TechCrunch

Source: PayPal Blog

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