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Rumor: Samsung will announce the Nexus Two on November 8th

If you were thinking about buying an Android phone in the next two weeks, please stop what you are doing and read this post. Something big is coming and I think you will want to know the full details before you get tied up in another 2-year contract with your carrier. The rumor, the source, and one Android Insider’s take on the goods after the jump.

The Rumor

Google and Samsung will announce the “Nexus Two” at a press conference on November 8th in New York city. The phone will be the first device to ship with stock Gingerbread (Android 2.3) and it will be available soon on multiple carriers.

The Source

I have spoke with multiple, trusted sources familiar with the project who have shared the same story with me. They wish to remain anonymous.

One Android Insider’s take on the rumor

Originally I planned to skip the Samsung press conference on November 8th (because of the $$$), but now I’m considering going (if I can still get in).

Last month I was having dinner with a bunch of Android bloggers out in Burlingame with the Open Feint team and they asked us what was the best Android phone currently available (since they are mainly iPhone guys). Virtually everyone at the table said that the Samsung Galaxy S offered the best combination of hardware, but ironically none of us were using a Samsung phone as our daily driver.

As we went around the table each one of us gave our thoughts about Samsung and we basically all said the same thing. We want phones that run the latest version of Android and that’s why we were all carrying different models from HTC and Motorola.

In the last post about the “Nexus Two” I left a comment saying that I still believe Samsung makes the best hardware and I was heavily down-ranked. A few people backed me up, but I think there is a large number of current Samsung Galaxy S owners out there that are jealous because their new phone is still stuck on Android 2.1.

So imagine what would happen if Samsung focused on only the hardware and let Google takeover the software duties. That is exactly what you will get with the “Nexus Two”.

I can imagine I will take a lot of heat for this post from all the people that recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy S over the summer. I feel your pain and I believe Samsung will do the right thing and eventually get your phone updated to Gingerbread. Having said that, I wouldn’t hold my breath because when the carriers get involved that adds a lot of waiting time.

We don’t know for sure who will sell this phone in the U.S., but I believe yesterday’s report that Carphone Warehouse will be the exclusive retailer in the UK is accurate. Go back and read my crazy speculation and then let me know how you think Google will distribute this phone.

The Closer

I’m totally ok if you don’t believe this report, but do yourself a favor and wait two weeks to see what happens. I would hate for you to purchase a new phone in the next couple of days and then be major disappointed when you find out something new just dropped. Of course if you enjoy a custom Android skin (and the slow updates that are often associated with them), then go right ahead.

This new Samsung phone might not blow your socks off, but you will at least want to hear their pitch before making your next purchasing decision.

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