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Samsung Nexus Two GT-i9010 clears the FCC?

A new Samsung smartphone with the model number GT-i9010 appeared on the FCC’s site and there is the small possibility it could be the upcoming Nexus Two. There is no actual hard evidence that I can find about which smartphone this might actually be, but we know from Gizmodo’s hands-on report with the Nexus Two that it comes from the Galaxy S family.

The original international version of the Galaxy S had the model number GT-i9000, so it is believable that an upgraded phone would use a sequential model number like GT-i9010. The same smartphone has also been approved by the Wi-Fi Alliance.

Samsung submitted the FCC documents on October 28th so that gives you an idea of how fresh this is. Hopefully by sharing this new model number GT-i9010, someone out there can do some more digging and come up with some new information.

Only 11 more days and then we find out for real. What do you want to bet we have some blurrycam photos before Samsung’s big event?

Update: I like posting stories like this because people are quick to inform me when I’m wrong. An anonymous insider who has the phone in hands just pinged me and said the GT-i9010 is not the Nexus Two. He claims the new Samsung Nexus has much better hardware than the Galaxy S and features a 1.2 GHz processor. He also thinks the design is “more sexy” than the Galaxy S.

[Thank you Alex for the FCC tip]

Via: WiFi Alliance

Source: FCC

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