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I’ll be back, this is my last Terminator post for awhile

So for the past couple of months I’ve been doing all the heavy lifting on the Terminator (Tegra 2 phone) story and now I think it’s time to pass the ball to someone else and let them have fun doing the digging for awhile.

This post is meant to recap everything I have learned and provide a few new tips so that all you wannabe ninjas can go out and unearth some new info. Until I have some hard evidence to provide you (like pics or video), I promise I will stop pumping this story until something big breaks.

For starters, Terminator is not the name of any actual product. It was a nickname that came up when we shortened Tegra 2 to just T2. I believe someone in the comments made the T2 to Terminator connection and I thought it fit the whole Droid theme that Verizon uses so we just ran with it. Plus you have to admit it’s just a really cool name, so maybe Verizon will pay James Cameron to license it one day.

I don’t know exactly when it first started, but I became obsessed with getting my hands on a dual-core phone when I heard they were coming in late 2010. For awhile it actually looked like something would drop before Christmas, but I soon realized I would have to wait until 2011 to experience the next generation of smartphones.

LG was the first handset maker to officially announce a dual-core Tegra 2 phone last month and they claimed it was arriving in Q4. Since that time nothing has been announced and their Android tablet from the same press release was delayed so I don’t have any faith in that phone.

Then I learned Motorola was also working on a dual-core Tegra 2 phone. I had my doubts at first, but then I was lucky enough to speak with Motorola Co-CEO Sanjay Jha and he actually confirmed it was real and he hoped to launch it in early 2011.

Originally I was lead to believe the Motorola Tegra 2 phone would be a Verizon exclusive, but later I learned it was headed to multiple carriers and AT&T would be the first to launch it.

After doing some more research and talking with all my contacts I know AT&T’s version of the Motorola Tegra 2 phone is codenamed Olympus and has the model number MB860. There is still a version of this phone in the works for Verizon, but I have heard of no other carriers specifically mentioned in reference to this device.

I know a lot of sites are saying Everest and Olympus are both Android tablets that Motorola is working on, but that info is incorrect. Everest (or Stingray) is the 10.1 inch tablet that Google and Motorola are working on for Verizon and Olympus is most definitely a phone for AT&T.

When it comes to specs for the Motorola Tegra 2 phone, there are not a lot of solid details. Based on conversations I’ve had with several different sources who claim they saw the phone, it will be a touch-only model that has a display between 3.7-4.3 inches, feature a dual-core 1 GHz Tegra 2 processor, and include a front-facing camera.

The Clues

If you want to go searching for more information on this phone, the key is the model number MB860. It has been spotted on several certification sites including the Bluetooth SIG, the Wi-Fi Alliance, and the UPnP Forum. The MB860 was also listed in the Tweetdeck report that was published this week.

Several Motorola employees are already testing the MB860 and have uploaded pictures taken with it to Picasa. Some of the pics are dated October 1st, which tells you how recently this device went out. One of the pics was actually taken at Garden Fresh Market located in Chicago, just down the road from Motorola’s global headquarters. If you live in the Chicago area, keep an eye out for business men cradling an odd phone you have never seen before.

That’s it folks

Unless someone sends me some pics or hard evidence, that’s all I have to say on this topic for now. We expect the phone to be announced at CES in Las Vegas on January 5th, 2011.

p.s. I got a few non-Motorola, non-Tegra devices that have caught my attention recently. Be on the lookout for some exciting new topics in the coming weeks.

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