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Google Hotpot comes to Android with Google Maps 4.7

What is Google Hotpot? No really, what is it?

Google Maps 4.7 was just published to the Android Market and it included two new features including the ability to “rate places and get personalized place recommendations” and a new “Rate Places” widget for the desktop that lets you quickly rate your current location.

The Hotpot website says it offers smarter recommendations and you can “Start by rating the places you know, good and bad. With each rating, we learn a bit more about your tastes, so you’ll get better recommendations the next time you search.”

Users can also create a friends list which tracks places that others are visiting and rating.

Most of this is so new that it’s not even listed on the official Google Blogs yet. We will continue to explore the new app and report back when we have more information.

What do you think Google Hotpot will be used for? Is this Google’s response to Facebook’s new places and deals platform? It appears to be a Facebook/Foursqaure/Yelp mashup.

Update: It looks like a Googler just tweeted that tonight is the Hotpot launch party in San Francisco. I guess we will be getting more news tomorrow.

Update 2: The Google Mobile blog has a post up now.

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Via: Google Mobile blog

Source: Google Hotpot

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