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T-Mobile removes no-contract, Even More Plus from the internets

Last  night I read on TmoNews that T-Mobile had removed their no-contract, Even More Plus plans from their website. I’m currently one of those customers on an Even More Plus plans (and it’s the main reason I’m a T-Mobile customer), so today we have been trying to figure out what exactly is going on.

David reports that T-Mobile says they are experiencing a glitch on their website, but the Even More Plus plans have been totally removed from the web including other online retailers like Amazon, Wirefly, and even our phone store.

We reached out to T-Mobile to see if they could provide a comment, but they have yet to respond.

T-Mobile recently rolled out several new prepaid plans, so this might be where they push new customers who don’t want a contract.

T-Mobile's new prepaid plans.

T-Mobile's new prepaid plans.

Prepaid calling plans from T-Mobile include:

  • $15 per month – Unlimited Text with 10c/min Talk
  • $30 per month – 1500 Talk & Text with 30 MB data
  • $50 per month – Unlimited Talk & Text with 100 MB data
  • $70 per month – Unlimited Talk & Text with 2 GB data

Some of these plans are nice, but they don’t match the savings I was getting on Even More Plus.

Hopefully T-Mobile will be able to clear this up soon. What are your thoughts on the possibility of losing your Even More Plus plan? Would you save money on one of the newer prepaid plans or consider going back to contracts?

Via: TmoNews

Source: T-Mobile

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