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7 million Angry Birds fans will get a Christmas stocking stuffer

There is no denying that Angry Birds is the most popular apps on the Android Market. The free game just went live in October and it has already passed 7 million downloads. That number is expected to continue growing since Rovio announced a light version was also in the works for low-performance Android phones.

In order to celebrate the success of Angry Birds on Android, Rovio will be releasing a special Christmas edition sometime in the next few weeks. Details are limited but the iOS exclusive Halloween edition added 45 new levels.

No release date was provided, but December 11th is the first official Angry Birds Day, which marks the one year anniversary of the game’s release on iOS.

One thing that Angry Birds has proved is that the freemium model works quite well on Android when you have the volume to support it. I have no idea how much money these guys are making, but the numbers are mind boggling when you think about it.

If we assume they are earning a revenue per thousand impressions (RPM) of around $2 and generating 1 million ad impressions per day, that equals around $2k per day or $60k per month. We don’t know the actual number of impressions they get (and Adsense prevents them from sharing that info), but I assume my estimates are on the low end.

Many users have requested a paid version of the game that would remove the ads, but I don’t see Rovio giving up that ad revenue just yet. If you are one of the people asking for an ad-free version of Angry Birds, how much would you be willing to pay for it?

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