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10 companies designing tablets with Qualcomm dual-core CPUs

The last time Qualcomm talked about their dual-core solutions, it was to tell us they had been delayed till 2011. In yesterday’s Q4 2010 earnings call, Qualcomm revealed that 10 different companies were currently designing tables based on their new dual-core Snapdragon processors.

Steven Mollenkopf, Executive Vice President and Group President, spilled the beans by saying, “In terms of dual core, we have today over 10 different companies designing tablets on our dual core solutions. So we feel very good about where they’re going. And then also in the handset space, you’ll see that as well.”

We don’t know if these dual-core tablets will be Android devices or not, but Qualcomm is behind most of the high-end smartphones from HTC and we bet the two are already working on something.

The interesting thing to note is that all of the rumored Honeycomb (Android 3.0) tablets are said to be using NVIDIA’s dual-core Tegra 2 processor. If you remember back when Android 2.0 launched, Google worked with Texas Instruments and made the OMAP3 processor the lead platform for development. It is starting to appear that NVIDIA has become the new favored son for Android 3.0.

Like most other upcoming tech, look to early January for more details. Qualcomm said we should see some new devices around the timing of CES and we will be in Las Vegas to report on what happens.

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