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Android 2.2 users can finally edit Google Docs on the go

Have you ever wanted to edit your Google Docs while on the go? Google just rolled out an update for Android 2.2 users that allows them to edit documents from anywhere at anytime. One of the coolest features is that edits made from your mobile device appear in near real-time from a web browser so multiple users can collaborate on a single document at the same time. Check out the demo video after the jump.

Example uses of Google Docs editing on the got includes:

  • You can work on that important memo…while on the bus or train to work.
  • If you’re behind on a group proposal, but really want to make it to the ball game tonight, your whole team can work on it from the bleacher seats.
  • You can take minute-by-minute notes at a concert so you’ll always remember the setlist. And your friends can jealously follow in real-time at home.
  • …and the list goes on!

Source: Google Docs blog

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