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Android Market update coming soon, what features do you want?

Google hinted last week that they were about to introduce some new Android Market features (that they think you’ll like) and today we learn that could happen as soon as this week. In an email to Android developers, Google said the Market will be down for six hours on November 18th and that some services would be unavailable.

We don’t know what new features are coming but the two things we have been waiting on are the web version of the Market and PayPal support. It was rumored that PayPal was coming in October, but that never happened. Google showed off the online Market at Google I/O in May (see video below), but we have heard nothing since then.

Looking at the stats from AppAware, we can see that Google has been silently updating the Market client for many users so the coming changes might already be on your phone and we are just waiting for Google to flip the switch.

What do you think Google is working on for the Android Market? What are the missing features you hope they ad? Will we finally see Google Music? I just want coupon codes and I’ll be happy.

A Notification from Android Market: Planned Maintenance Outage


We’re writing to inform you about a planned service outage impacting Android Market that requires your attention.

We plan to perform maintenance on the Android Market Developer Console on Thursday 18 November 2010 from 10AM to 4PM Pacific Standard Time. During this time, there will be view-only access to the Developer Console at You will be able to view your list of applications and error reports; however, you will not be able to upload new apps or make updates to existing apps. The publish status of your applications and use of the Android Market app on phones should not be impacted.

Thanks, and we appreciate your patience while we work to improve Android Market.

The Android Market Team

Via: Android Guys

Source: Android Dev Blog

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