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How to turn YouTube videos into ringtones for your Android phone

3 years ago 25

Have you ever wanted to create your own ringtones, but you just didn’t know how? Anyone with an Android phone can easily create their own ringtones from YouTube videos in only 5 simple steps. Full instructions after the jump.

Follow these simple steps to turn you favorite YouTube videos into ringtones:

  1. Find a cool YouTube video. Example:
  2. Convert the YouTube video to a MP3. Suggested tool:
  3. Copy the MP3 file to your SD card.
  4. Go to Android Market and install Ringdroid
  5. Load up MP3 file in Ringdroid, edit it to your liking, and hit the save button
  6. Repeat

If you need extra help with Ringdroid, check out the following walkthrough below:

Watch on YouTube

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