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HTC Mecha (Incredible HD) spotted with 4G LTE support

The Incredible HD (or HTC Mecha) was originally rumored to launch on November 23rd, but new information suggest it could have been delayed till early next year to add 4G LTE support. New pics from a tester were posted at Android Central which clearly show the new HTC phone with a 4G symbol in the notification area.

The tipster goes on to claim that the device is “consistently getting 9 Mbps downstream and 5 Mbps upstream”, which is a good sign for Verizon 4G. The download speeds are in-line with those of Sprint and T-Mobile, but the upload tops anything we have tested.

It appears the Incredible HD rumors started over at DroidForums by a source that broke the Droid Incredible launch date. Forums’ admin Miami1683 was claiming this mysterious device would go on pre-sale tomorrow, but he hasn’t posted any updates since yesterday. The last note he left said Verizon would have anĀ “iconic device going on pre-order on Friday in the AM”.

For all we know, there could be two versions of the phone that are both being launched. Verizon has released three versions of the Droid 2 now, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see multiple versions of the Incredible HD (or whatever they decide to call it).

One final interesting thing to note is that Verizon appears to have cancelled their CES press event, which was scheduled for Wednesday, January 5th. This is when we expected Verizon to announce a half-dozen LTE devices, so it is not clear what their plans are now.

Source: Android Central

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