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“Right now, Sprint is the only national carrier with a true 4G network” #4Gwars

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T-Mobile and Verizon claim to have a 4G network, but Sprint thinks their WiMAX network is the only true 4G network. The funny thing is none of these networks meets the actual definition of 4G as defined by the ITU’s Radiocommunication Sector, but the #4Gwars have already begun and there is no turning back now.

Sprint is expanding their 4G WiMAX network to Los Angeles and they posted a quick YouTube video to promote the faster speeds they are offering. In the clip Michael Galluccio, Sprint Sales Manager New York Metro, says that “Other carriers might claim to have a 4G network, but right now Sprint is the only national carrier with a true 4G network.

Mr. Galluccio continued to explain why Sprint had the best network. “How well it works depends on the size of your pipe. Fortunately, Sprint has a big pipe”.

T-Mobile is advertising they have the largest 4G network and Verizon says they have the fastest 4G network, but I’m not sure what Sprint’s claim to fame is. Maybe they should start marketing  America’s Biggest 4G Pipe or America’s Favorite 4G Phone – the HTC EVO 4G.

I’ve heard some crazy rumors that some consumer advocacy groups are already planning class-action lawsuits against some of these carriers over their “false advertising of operating a 4G network”, but nothing has been filed yet. I admit the term “4G” is starting to get a little confusing with carriers using so many types of technologies (HSPA+, LTE, and WiMAX), but what else do you suggest they to do? Should we be forced to call them 4G LTE, 4G WiMAX, and 4G HSPA+?

Should the carriers keep pushing their 4G message? Does it help anyone if the courts force them to remove 4G from their advertising and go back to 3G? Whatever happens, I’m loving the “4G speeds” on my new T-Mobile G2 and I’m sure we have a lot of satisfied readers who are quite happy with Sprint 4G as well.

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