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Samsung announces Verizon Continuum, launches Nov. 11

Today Samsung tweeted that the Verizon Continuum will arrive in stores on November 11th. This is the dual-screen Android phone that leaked back in September and has already been captured on video. No official price was announced, the but Continuum is widely expected to go for $199 with a 2-year contract.

The Continuum comes from the Samsung Galaxy S family and features nearly identical hardware specs, with the exception of using dual screens. A 3.4 inch Super AMOLED WVGA display sits on top of a smaller secondary 1.8 inch touchscreen (96 pixels high) that is being referred to as “the ticker”. The smaller display works like a news ticker and can display a wide vareity of information including weather, news, scores, calling info, and music controls.

Just like the Samsung Fascinate, the Continuum is expected to ship with Android 2.1 and use Microsoft’s Bing as the primary search provider.

I think the secondary display is a pretty cool feature, but overall I’m not too excited about this Android 2.1 phone. Samsung is hosting a press event tonight in NYC to promote the new phone, so maybe a few surprises will pop up that get us hyped. Hopefully they reveal it has been upgraded to Android 2.2, and maybe they shock us with Android 2.3 news.

Is anyone out there getting pumped about the Continuum? Do you think a secondary display is a feature you would look for in your next phone or does it not excite you?

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