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T-Mobile calls out AT&T on Facebook #4GWARS

In today’s episode of #4GWARS, T-Mobile and AT&T are having a Facebook fight. Yesterday, AT&T claimed their HSPA+ network was capable of the same speeds as T-Mobile and covered a larger area. T-Mobile responded to AT&T’s claims by issuing a challenge to match their data speeds. Full details after the jump.

Today, AT&T stuck to the same message with a post to their Facebook page:

“Hey Fans! You may have seen T-Mobile smack talking our network (seriously TMo?) and calling their HSPA+ network “4G” in order to claim they have the largest “4G” network. Not so fast…we have 180 million folks on HSPA+ already…40 million more than they do. They also claim 200 million by year’s end, but we’ll have it to 250 million this month. So their network isn’t any bigger or faster. Just calling ‘em as we see ‘em.”

T-Mobile must have been watching their feed because they were quick to respond:

“Hey AT&T – It is easy for us to be proud when we have the 4G network to back it up. We challenge you to show us any data speeds on an AT&T iPhone that can top the speed on T-Mobile’s myTouch 4G. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out these amazing speed test screenshots from our T-Mobile fans:

When the carriers fight, customers win. Who do you think has the best argument?

[Thank you Andy for the tip!]

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