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Watch the new T-Mobile go on the offensive against AT&T [VIDEO]

Are you ready to see the new T-Mobile take off the gloves and go after the big boys? Our friends at TmoNews are reporting that T-Mobile will finally reveal that aggressive marketing campaign we have been hearing about on the eve of launching their first 4G phone, the myTouch 4G.

If you want to catch the new ads make sure you tune in tonight and watch NCIS LA, Dancing with the Stars, The Daily Show or The Colbert Report.

We don’t know why AT&T is the target or exactly what T-Mobile will say, but it is clear they are ready to start advertising T-Mobile as offering America’s largest 4G network. AT&T has long boasted America’s fastest 3G network so maybe the war of words will focus around download speeds.

How do you think T-Mobile should advertise their new HSPA+ network which offers speeds up to 21 Mbps?

Update: Video is now live on YouTube. “T-Mobile’s new myTouch 4G does things an iPhone 4 on AT&T’s network can’t. For starters, you can video chat right away no Wi-Fi required. Watch and see what the myTouch 4G can do on T-Mobile, America’s largest 4G network.

Thank you Tre for the video!

Source: TmoNews

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