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Google Voice Search updated to include personalized voice recognition

One thing I believe most (if not all) Android users can agree on is how handy the ability to use your voice to control many aspects of your phone, especially when it comes to text input. I personally use voice dictation for something almost every day, and at this point probably couldn’t live without it, even though sometimes the voice recognition itself is not quite 100% accurate.

With today’s Voice Search update, Google is hoping to greatly increase the accuracy rates of voice recognition by introducing a new feature: personalized voice recognition. This addition to the Voice Search application will learn the user’s distinct vocal characteristics such as speed, accent, pitch, etc., allowing the voice search application to continually build up it’s accuracy at translating your unique voice into text.

Currently, the personalized voice recognition is an opt-in program, so you will have to go into your voice settings in order to activate it (you will also be prompted to opt-in once you apply the update to the application). Also, this program is only available for English-speaking individuals in the United States, though Google is actively working to expand the language capabilities in future releases.

The updated application requires Android 2.2 or better, so if your version qualifies, head on over to the Android market and update the Voice Search app.


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