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The wait is over! Rovio releases Angry Birds Seasons

Update: Some users of older devices are reporting issues with the Angry Birds Seasons game, rendering it unplayable. If you’re having this issue, be sure to let us know in the comments.

Rovio has long been promising a Christmas-themed version of their insanely popular Angry Birds game. Earlier this morning, their promise came to fruition in Angry Birds – Seasons. The new Seasons application contains a countdown to Christmas, with 25 new Christmas themed levels. Each day in December, a new level will be unlocked for your playing pleasure.

This last point will likely cause some griping about only being able to play one level and having to wait to take on the next challenge, but Rovio has something else up their sleeves they think might hold you over. The Angry Birds Seasons app contains the previously-unreleased-to-Android Halloween levels we missed out on back in October. Though Halloween is long over, the 46 levels are certain to keep you entertained as you wait for the next Christmas level to unlock.

Angry Birds is probably THE most addictive and fun game on Android, and we highly encourage you to head over to the market and check out the free Angry Birds Seasons application (and pick up the Angry Birds app if you haven’t already). Works on all Android devices.


Check out Rovio’s video of the Halloween expansion pack that is included in this Angry Birds Seasons release.

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