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Could the new Android music app come to the Samsung Galaxy Player?

Google’s new Android music player leaked out last night on XDA Developers and while we don’t know when it will appear on a real device, Samsung’s new Galaxy Player would be a nice choice.

Samsung is expected to unveil an Android-based Galaxy Player to take on Apple’s iPod at the upcoming CES next week, according to a report from Samsung Hub. The device will have internal hardware that is similar to the Galaxy S family of devices, but it will lack the cellular connectivity and telephony functionality to place voice calls and send SMS messages.

Music and games are expected to be the focus points of this device, so it makes sense that Samsung would want to include the latest music app that Google has to offer. Samsung has their own Media Hub to distribute movies and TV shows, but they have yet to offer a full fledged music store.

At this year’s Google I/O developer conference, a new music service was previewed that allowed users to purchase songs and sync their entire media collection with their Android device. Some people have speculated that this music service would be launched with Gingerbread or Honeycomb, but I believe the new music app will be distributed via the Android Market and be widely available to most Android 2.x devices.

Recent history has shown us that Google and Samsung are pretty tight so anything is possible. Samsung was the first to produce a tablet that included the Android Market and they were also chosen to produce Google’s Nexus S.

Check out Google’s new music app in the demo video below (or visit the source link if you are adventurous and want to install it) and let us know what you think. Would the addition of Google’s new music app and service make you consider buying the Samsung Galaxy Player?

Via: Samsung Hub

Source: XDA Developers

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