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First dual-core Android phone likely to launch in Korea

If you were disappointed by the single-core Samsung Nexus S, then LG and Motorola are both working on Tegra 2 phones that should get you excited. We are expecting these dual-core handsets to be announced on January 5th at CES and be available in stores around late January to February, but it appears that Korea will get their hands on one of these new superphones first thanks to LG.

A Korean mobile news site called Cetizen has uncovered new pictures of the LG Star that look similar in shape to the leaked prototypes we saw on video, but the outer casing has been updated and this new unit now includes the carrier logo for SK Telecom. We don’t normally see carrier-branded devices until they are ready to launch so I wouldn’t be surprised if LG pushed it out this year.

To fully grasp the situation, you must understand the fierce rivalry between LG and Samsung. Both companies are based out of Korea and compete in just about every product category including phones, TV, appliances, and computers. Samsung is the largest Korean conglomerate company and LG is second so they are constantly trying to top their rival.

All signs point to LG releasing their dual-core phone any week now and I’m sure the execs at Samsung are really jealous. We know that Samsung has dual-core phones in testing, but we have yet to see any prototypes and it could still be several more months before their handsets are ready for stores.

We have been impressed with LG’s recent Android efforts, like value-priced Optimus One, so I’m really excited to see what they do with the high-end phones. Recent leaks have shown the LG Star to be running Android 2.2, but hopefully they update it to 2.3 by the time it reaches our shores.

Which version of the LG Star do you like better? The early prototypes we saw or the final version for SK Telecom?

lg-star-sk-telecom LG-Star-Android-dual-core-Korea-2 LG-Star-Android-dual-core-Korea lg-star-gloss-back

Via: Phandroid

Source: Cetizen

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