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Gingerbread source code released, let the race to Android 2.3 updates begin

Early this afternoon, Google began pushing the source code for Gingerbread to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). This means all the code for Android 2.3 is now public and device manufacturers and carriers can begin to port it to their devices.

During the last round of Android 2.2 updates, Sprint and HTC were the first to deliver a software upgrade when they pushed it out to the EVO nearly six weeks after its release.

Sprint stated in an internal memo that Android updates were a “high priority for competitive reasons”, so we expect they might be the first carrier to release an update to Android 2.3. Verizon was also close behind with an update for the original Droid, so look for them to deliver as well.

An Android engineer has said that “Gingerbread migration should be less painful for device developers” so hopefully the first round of updates comes a little sooner. However, based on recent history we don’t expect to see any over-the-air updates till February at the earliest.

Every time we talk about software updates, we also have to mention Samsung. All of their Galaxy S phones are still on Android 2.1 and we have no idea when any updates are coming. A few test builds have leaked out, but it could still be a couple months till most of their phones are updated to Android 2.2.

Which carrier and handset maker do you think will deliver the first update to Android 2.3? If I was a betting man, I’d place my money on Sprint and HTC.

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