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Kickstand envy? Get a Smartphone Coaster from NewPCgadgets!

Remember when the EVO launched and everyone went crazy over the kickstand? Sure, in time the buzz died down, but one thing is for sure: propping your phone up at a reasonable viewing angle sure is handy. And a few weeks ago I stumbled upon the Smartphone Coaster, a shiny little trinket from NewPCgadgets which lets even the slouchiest phone stand at attention.

I ordered a six pack and I’ve had one on my desk ever since. The Smartphone Coaster is awesome for a number of reasons: it’s stamped out of glossy stainless steel. It’s got little rubber feet to keep it from sliding. It holds the phone at a 75 degree angle (in portrait or landscape). It costs less than $4.

We included the coaster in our Holiday Gift Guide. We gave away a handful in our announcement contest. I gave some away during a live appearance on The Android Show. Each time you guys went a bit crazy over these things so we thought we’d try some more.

Win a Smartphone Coaster from @NewPCgadgets

We’ve got a whopping THIRTY coasters to give out, courtesy of NewPCgadgets. They watch the blog and saw you guys flip out over the coasters and were cool enough to offer up some more freebies. Today’s contest consists of two parts:

Most of our winners will be randomly selected, but we’re going to hand pick a few winners with exceptional tweets. The tweet can be a random joke, a plea for a coaster, a riddle- be creative- we’ll be doing a handful instant winners based on the merit of the tweet itself.

To make things easy I’ve include a Follow @NewPCgadgets button and a pre-filled tweetbox right in this post. You can use them below or feel free to use your normal Twitter methods. All you’ve gotta do is tweet a mention and make sure the follow the account so we can contact the winners!

We’ll announce the bulk of the winners tomorrow morning. Anyone that wins instantly will be notified via Twitter (and probably have their tweet added here). Good luck!

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