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Midweek Madness! Share a story and win a Technocel Battery Boost

We’ve all been there. You’re traveling, driving around an odd city, desperately depending on your phone’s GPS when you notice the tiny battery icon in the status bar is blinking red. Or maybe you’ve been out all night with the crew, ended up in some friend-of-a-friend’s house, needing a ride home. You pull out your phone, press power… nothing.

Having a device die when you really need it is a crazy frustrating experience. To combat the problem, Technocel has introduced the Battery Boost, a USB-drive-shaped device that’s actually packing a tiny backup battery. The Battery Boost is capable of providing up to an hour of extra talk time, something that could come in mighty handy in a pinch.

Win a free Battery Boost!

We’ve got FOUR of these to give away, and to win you will need to leave a comment on this post. But not just any comment- we want to hear a story about your phone dying at the absolute worst time imaginable. Tell us about an experience when a little boost would have changed everything.

Four of you with the best battery story will win a free Technocel Battery Boost.

I was going to say that even if you don’t win you can score one of these on Amazon, but it looks like they are temporarily out of stock. If you’re interested, keep an eye on the Technocel Battery Boost page for updates.

Update: Okay, well it was truly very difficult to pick winners for this contest, as there were a lot of stories about some pretty extreme situations, and some that were devastating! So without further ado, congratulations to our winners: Anthony Mikic, Anthony Dunleavy, Alex Davenport, and Weazel. Winners, keep an eye on your inboxes. And thank you to everyone who participated!!

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