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Poll: How much would you pay for a premium Android game?

In last week’s poll we asked how many people would purchase the Nexus S and it turns out we must have a lot of early adopters because over 1,000 people (34%) said they would vote for Google’s next superphone with their wallet. This week the next question is pretty simple – How much would you pay for a premium Android game?

We know that Android devices based on the Tegra 2 processor will offer console-quality games and we are likely to see some big titles when the first smartphones and tablets are launched. As Android gets more quality games, we want to know how much you all are willing to spend.

Gameloft charges $4.99 for their HD games right now and I don’t mind paying this price. I think $5 is about the level I’m comfortable with, but if a really awesome title came out I might spend up to $10.

Over on Apple’s App Store it looks like the sweet spot is $5.99. Epic Games just released Infinity Blade (based on their Unreal Engine 3 coming to Android) and it sold a whopping 271,000 copies in less than four days. A report from BGR estimates that Epic Games grossed well over $1.6 million in under four days which is pretty amazing for a mobile game.

This weekend I said that N.O.V.A. 2 has not been announced for Android, but Gameloft tweeted that it was in the works and would be launched after it arrived on the iPhone. This is one example of a premium game, but I’m sure there are many more that we don’t even know about.

Basically, imagine your favorite console franchise and then let us know what is a fair price for a mobile version. Some people have said that piracy was a serious problem for Android developers, so I tossed in that option as well since I’m curious.

Via: BGR

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