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Verizon rumored to invite Motorola’s tablet to their Super Bowl party

Everyone knows by now that Verizon and Motorola are working on a Tegra 2 tablet running the latest version of Android called Honeycomb. What we don’t know is the final product name or the launch date.

Some have speculated that Honeycomb might not arrive till Q2 2011, but others are reporting earlier dates like February and March. Based on the Honeycomb demo that Andy Rubin gave last week it sure looked like the Motorola tablet he had with him was final hardware. This week we saw the Motorola tablet with the Verizon branding, which tells me this thing is being tested right now and nearing release.

Today we get a report of a tipster who claims the Motorola Honeycomb tablet will be out by Super Bowl weekend. This would make sense that Verizon would tie their tablet launch to the big football game because they are the NFL’s exclusive wireless partner. Verizon also launched 4G LTE in 38 markets, most of which were cities with NFL teams.

Verizon’s tablet is rumored to support 4G LTE data, so it’s possible you could be watching the Super Bowl live on your Motorola tablet if it launches in time. It sounds a little rushed to launch by February 6th, but as I’m staring at the Super Bowl site I see a big Motorola ad plastered across the top right now.

If this tablet is really hitting stores in a couple months, that means Sanjay Jha should be announcing it during Motorola Mobility’s big CES event on January 5th. We already RSVP’d for the Motorola event, so with some lucky we will hopefully be playing with a Honeycomb tablet in the next few weeks.

What devices do you think Motorola will launch at CES? Everst tablet for Verizon 4G, Olympus phone for AT&T, Etna phone for Verizon 4G, or something else?

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