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Dell Streak 7 potentially launching February 2nd on T-Mobile

The Dell Streak 5 left many consumers confused on whether they were buying a phone or a tablet, but Dell’s latest Android device, coming to T-Mobile on February 2nd, avoids any such dilemma by bumping up to the established tablet realm of 7 inches.

The headlining features for the Dell Streak 7 are 4G support, nVidia Tegra 2 processor, 1.3MP front-facing camera, 5MP rear-facing camera with flash, and a Gorilla Glass screen.

It is currently running Froyo with a Dell skin (that I personally found frustrating) on top. Dell of course notes that it can be upgraded over the air, but relying on updates has become an uncomfortable proposition for many users.

The biggest disappointment on the Streak 7 for me though was the screen. To begin with it is only 800×480 versus the 1024×600 on the Samsung Galaxy Tab, which just doesn’t cut it on a device this size. Forgiving that issue the viewing angles still presented a significant concern during my brief hands-on at CES. As viewed from one side the screen remained perfect up to extreme viewing angles, but on the other as soon as I got past about 45-60 degrees it became completely unusable. The unit available there was still a somewhat early build, but I would definitely counsel heading into your local T-Mo to check that out before you make a purchase.

Are 4G and Tegra 2 enough to sway you or are you waiting for something more?

Source: TmoNews

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