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Confirmed: T-Mobile chooses Samsung to revive its Sidekick brand (updated with blurrycam pics)

New T-Mobile CEO Philipp Humm recently confirmed that their Sidekick brand would return as an Android-powered 4G handset, but he failed to mention which manufacturer was going to produce it. Based on rumors from last year we all assumed it would be HTC, but apparently we were wrong.

The Sidekick brand is an interesting one for Android fans based on its storied history. The device debuted as the Danger Hiptop in 2002, which was the company founded by the godfather of Android, Mr. Andy Rubin. New Googler Matias Duarte was also Director of Design at Danger from 2000-2005, so the Sidekick franchise has some interesting roots.

I know most of you dislike baseless rumors, but I’ve spoken with enough sources now to confirm that Samsung is in fact producing the Sidekick 4G. The most-influential (and unofficial) T-Mobile blogger David of TmoNews has also received word that Samsung is making the phone and we are currently digging for more details.

Apparently these phones are already in the wild, so maybe the blurrycam will capture one soon…

Update: Well I thought pics would be coming soon, but had no idea they would arrive today. Someone just sent TmoNews three pics of the phone in the wild that show exactly what we were looking for. I think the keyboard looks pretty cool. What do you guys think?

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Source: TmoNews

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