Feb 03 AT 12:50 PM Anthony Domanico 14 Comments

Inspire 4G up for preorder at Radioshack tomorrow for $99.99

Last week, Amazon leaked that the HTC Inspire 4G on AT&T would launch February 13th for $99.99. Today, we received another tip, this time from Radioshack confirming that the Inspire 4G would indeed be launching on the 13th at the $99.99 price point.

In addition to this news, Radioshack has indicated that the Inspire 4G will be available for preorder tomorrow, February 4th, at all Radioshack locations. The Shack will also be adding a $30 accessory credit in an effort to convince customers to preorder the Inspire 4G from Radioshack instead of other retailers. If you do decide to preorder the Inspire 4G from Radioshack, you will need to shell out $50 for a non-refundable Radioshack gift card, to be applied to the final purchase on the 13th.

It looks like everything we’ve been learning about the launch of the Inspire 4G is coming true. Anyone out there planning to drop by Radioshack tomorrow to preorder the beefy Inspire 4G, or do you have your eyes set on other upcoming AT&T devices?

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