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Motorola Xoom’s full Super Bowl ad

In case you missed it during the big game you can watch the full Motorola Xoom ad below.

You all seemed to agree after the preview that you would like to see more real usage in the last 45 seconds and at least in my mind Motorola failed to deliver that. Don’t get me wrong the Xoom looks good in the commercial, but I think they needed to show people how they would use it in reality, not in the bizarre dystopian future.

The ad was seemingly designed to appeal to those that dislike Apple’s stranglehold on the tablet market and also those that are aware of Apple’s 1984 Super Bowl ad. Those seem like categories that are already likely to favor the Xoom or at least already have a strong opinion either for or against Apple and the iPad. The Super Bowl was the time to appeal to the common consumer and I just don’t see how this ad managed that.

What did you think of the ad and what if anything do you think Motorola could have done better?

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