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LG expects to offer at least a one-level upgrade for all Optimus smartphones

How do you know if your brand new Android phone will ever be updated? Google continues to push out a major new version of Android every six months, but there is no way of telling (and no guarantee) that your device will ever receive a newer firmware than what it came with out of the box.

History has shown us that the best selling Android phones are the most likely to get software updates while the flops get left behind. But how can a new user predict which models will sell well and thus get updates?

LG is hoping to address this problem with a new pledge that should offer some peace of mind to their customers. I spoke with their global communications director earlier this month in Barcelona and he told me that LG is committed to software updates for their Android phones.

LG is committed to providing a clear upgrade path for owners of its Optimus smartphones. Just as we’ve confirmed an upgrade to Gingerbread for Optimus One, our expectation is to be able to offer at minimum a one-level upgrade for all Optimus smartphones introduced by LG in 2011 and beyond.Kenneth HongDirector, Global Communications LG Electronics, Inc.

Carriers still control the software upgrades in the United States so this is not a flat-out guarantee, but it’s a step in the right direction and one we would hope that all handset makers would follow.

If a company like LG is committed to providing at least one software upgrade (while other handset makers have a shaky past), then I would be more likely to suggest LG to my friends and family when they consider their next smartphone purchase.

What do you think about LG’s promise? Would the offer of at least one software upgrade be enough to calm your fears that your new handset might be left behind? What type of commitment or guarantee do you think the carriers should offer when you sign a 2-year contract for a new smartphone?

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