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LG Optimus Pad, Transformers edition

When LG first announced their Optimus series of Android phones last year we got a lot of comments joking that they should release a Transformers-themed device called the Optimus Prime. I guess LG was listening because their latest teaser video for the Optimus Pad (aka G-Slate) shows the tablet transforming into a giant robot that likes to crush apples. Check out the superhero version of LG’s tablet after the jump.

Update: LG took the video down, but the internets saved a backup copy.

From LGThe LG “Optimus” family has many members to be proud of — the most recent addition, the LG Optimus Pad, is arriving at MWC 2011! But you probably weren’t aware that the LG Optimus Pad was actually a superhero. And like all superheroes, it has a secret identity. Don’t believe us? Check out this trailer.

Via: CrunchGear

Source: YouTube

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