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Google Navigation now factors in real-time and historic traffic to recommend routes

File this one under “It’s about flipping time.”

On Google’s mobile blog, they announced an update to Google Navigation which brings a long sought after enhancement to route navigation (in my opinion, anyway). The old Google Navigation simply picked the fastest route under ideal circumstances, which comes back to bite you in the rear should there be any traffic along the way.

In the new update, Google Navigation will use an algorithm that factors in both current and historical traffic detail to project the shortest route from point A to point B under current and expected traffic conditions. This should hopefully save you some time and frustration by recommending the actual fastest route instead of the ideal route.

Yes, Google’s “real-time” traffic status can be hit or miss, so don’t expect the recommended route to be fastest 100% of the time, but we’re much closer to 100% than we were yesterday.

There is no need to update the maps application, as this enhancement to Navigation should already be fully functional as of the latest update. Simply use navigation as you normally would and enjoy the newly added features.


Via: Google Mobile Blog

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