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AT&T cracks down on unauthorized iPhone tethering, Android could be next

This week AT&T began informing iPhone customers that they would start cracking down on unauthorized tethering. No Android customers have received the warning yet, but this is a sign of what is likely to come.

AT&T currently charges $25 per month for 2 GB of data, but users who wish to tether must subscribe to the DataPro 4GB plan which runs $45 per month. In an email to the offending customers, AT&T warned that users would be automatically enrolled in the $45 tethering plan if they did not contact the carrier to resolve the issue.

As one of the few carriers that offers tiered data, I’m a little disappointed that AT&T requires you to purchase their 4GB plan for $45 in order to tether. It would be nice if customers could tether with the 2GB plan for $25 and then just pay the usual $10-per-GB overage fee if they use up more data than their plan allows.

I would love for a carrier to offer mobile data by the GB and let me use it however I choose, but it looks like that won’t be happening anytime soon. In a perfect world, what types of data plans would you like to see from the carriers?

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