Mar 08 AT 10:45 AM Anthony Domanico 4 Comments

Oh Danny Boy, the Angry Birds are calling

Faith and Begorrah! Rovio is adding some more holiday themed levels to its massively popular Angry Birds application, just in time for the holiday that marks my favorite day to enjoy a Guinness.

Sometime in the next few days, we should expect to see the Saint Patrick’s Day addition to the Angry Birds Seasons application hit the Android Market. No word yet on how many levels will be added, but if the Valentine’s Day addition is any indication, chances are we’ll see another 15-20 or so with the Saint Patrick’s Day update.

Stay tuned to Rovio’s twitter account and/or Android and Me for the latest and greatest info on when these new levels become available. Meanwhile, check out Rovio’s teaser video below.

Via: Rovio

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  1. joeGuest 4 years ago

    Cool game, but as soon as they starting doing stupid stuff like putting ads ON TOP of the game play field to force accidental ad clicks I lost interest. There are so many other games on the market that don’t do that crap, why would I care about this game?

    • joseGuest 4 years ago

      Is free why would you complain ….

  2. peterGuest 4 years ago

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  3. Android JetGuest 4 years ago

    Finally released today, happy Saint Patrick’s Day