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T-Mobile ready to revive the G-Series with LG’s G2x [Optimus 2X]

If you like Android, I have a strong feeling you are going to love the T-Mobile G2x. Thanks to some leaked documents from last weekend we learned T-Mobile was going to pick up the LG Optimus 2X and release it as the G2x with Google by LG.

CTIA Wireless takes place in a couple of weeks on March 22-24, so you can bet that all the carriers will be announcing their new lineup of Android phones. I expect that T-Mobile will announce the G2x and it should go on sale several weeks later.

Everyone wants to know if the LG made G2x will stay true to the G-Series of T-Mobile phones, which included the G1 and G2 from HTC. Both of those phones were notable because they were pure Google experience devices and did not include HTC’s custom Sense UI.

T-Mobile chose to launch the G2x as the flagship of their G-Series for a reason, so you can drop your worries about it shipping with some iPhoney UI. Some G1 fans were disappointed by the G2 because it was more of an evolutionary step and did not compete with other high-end models, but the G2x will return the G-Series to industry leading performance (yes, it now has 4G).

We expect the phone will initially be launched with Android 2.2 (Froyo) and we’ve heard from multiple sources that it should be the first device upgraded to Android 2.3 (Gingerbread). LG and T-Mobile are both committed to software updates, so I expect that Gingerbread will come quickly. Dropping a major update a couple of weeks after launch sounds crazy, but it would prove the point that software updates are a priority.

Give me your wish list

Android blogs never get the same respect as traditional media, but they still play an important role in the Android ecosystem. I always see in our comments that people complain some of the big companies never listen to their voice, but the truth is many industry insiders watch the blogs and this audience has real influence.

The G2x hardware and shipping software are probably already complete, but your feedback can help shape future software updates. Our LG Optimus 2X Report Card showed what the hardware is capable of, so let us know what you would like to see on the software side with a comment.

If you worked for T-Mobile, how would you launch the G2x?

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