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The HTC ChaCha runs into a few road blocks

4 years ago 36

The upcoming HTC ChaCha seems to be causing a few issues for our friends at HTC. We know many of you have a few things to say regarding the ChaCha’s dedicated Facebook button, but surprisingly the handset’s Facebook integration is a lot less trivial than the ChaCha name itself.

It turns out that ChaCha Inc has sued HTC over trademark infringement since they hold claims to the name. The lawsuit from ChaCha Inc seeks monetary compensation and an injunction which would block HTC from launching the handset as the HTC ChaCha.  But that’s only half the news.

HTC Spain has announced via their Twitter page that the HTC ChaCha will be renamed as the HTC ChaChaCha when it launches in Spain later this year. When we first heard this news, we were a little perplexed. Why would Spain need an third “Cha” while the rest of Europe only needed two? Apparently, HTC is adding the third “Cha” since in Spain the term “cha cha” refers to a maid, nanny, or servant. We’re pretty sure the Android phone with Facebook integration will be able to do quite a bit for you, but we’d find it hard to sell you a phone named the HTC Nanny.

Maybe we can lend HTC a hand by coming up with a new name for the HTC ChaCha. What do you think HTC should change the ChaCha name to?