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Sprint Xoom tablet spotted in the wild

Yesterday we reported that the Motorola Atrix and Xoom were headed to Sprint and now we have an image to back up half of that claim. This morning an image of a Sprint-branded Xoom appeared on the fan site SprintUsers. It came from well known forums member r0fl who leaked previous unreleased Sprint devices (like the EVO Shift), so we have every reason to believe this is the real deal.

No hard evidence was provided about the Xoom’s network support, but we heard it will operate on Sprint’s 4G WiMAX network. The Verizon Xoom will eventually support 4G LTE, but we have no idea when that upgrade will happen so there is a chance that Sprint could have the first Xoom tablet with 4G speeds.

Now that the Xoom has been confirmed, I expect we will see Sprint’s version of the Atrix 4G leak out next. There is a small chance that these devices might be announced next week at CTIA in Orlando, but our original tipster said that Sprint was waiting until next month to make the announcement.

Via: BGR

Source: Sprint Users

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