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Digitimes: Low-end Android devices are about take over the world

If you think Android is popular right now, you haven’t seen anything yet. According to Digitimes, low-end Android phones are about to propel the already-popular OS towards world domination. The reason? A handful of handset vendors are rushing to launch low-priced (sub US$150) Android devices. Digitimes predicts that 20-25 million of these devices will be sold this year. That’s a tenfold increase from last year’s 2.5-3 million phones sold. The report explains that while competition in the high-end smartphone market  has been going on for a while — ever since the original Droid — the same is just starting to happen in the low-end section.

You can already see the signs that low-end Android phones are about to become very common. The LG Optimus One is the first low-end Android phone to become incredibly popular. You can get the device from every carrier on the face of the Earth. You can get it free with a contract, or unlocked at a low price, or even get it with plans as low as $25/month. For those people more concerned with price than flashy features, getting a cheap Android phones is a no-brainer — the iPhone and WP7 phones don’t even stand a chance.

The LG Optimus One is just the tip of the iceberg of what we’ll be seeing come out in the next few months aimed at the low-end range of the market. Thanks to Moore’s Law, today’s high-end phone is tomorrow’s low-end. In the near future, we’ll see cheap Android phones come out with front-facing camera, NFC chips, HD video recording and dual-core CPUs. Meanwhile, phones like the LG Optimus One will eventually reach dumbphone-like prices, making Android accessible to that 80% of the world who can only afford a dumbphone. And that’s how Android will rule the world.

Source: Digitimes

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