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Gartner: Android will run on 39% of tablets in 2015

Right after releasing a report on the smartphone market, Gartner is at it again. This time, the research firm is taking a look at the tablet market. According to Gartner, Android is poised to own 39% of the tablet market by 2015. In contrast, the obvious leader in the tablet market, Apple, will see its market share drop from 83.9% to 47.1%. Other players like Meego and WebOS have almost no chance at competing in the tablet market. Gartner predicts the two will stay below the 5% mark for next the few years. Unsurprisingly, Gartner believes that Android will have the same kind of success that the OS is enjoying right now in the smartphone market.

Like any other Android fan, I can’t get enough of these reports predicting Android’s success. However, I think Gartner is taking a somewhat conservative approach to predicting Android’s growth in the tablet market. The research firm is forecasting a linear and slow growth trajectory for Android — going from 14.2% to 38.6% in five years. That’s not the case in the phone market, where Android grew at a much rapid pace going from 0.5% to 22.7% in just two years. There’s not a lot of difference between the phone and tablet market. There’s a good chance that Android will take over the tablet world like it’s doing in the smartphone’s.

If we look at the Samsung Galaxy Tab as the T-Mobile G1 and 2010 as 2008, then Android should own half the tablet market around 2014 — and not 39% in 2015. It’s interesting that at this point we’re discussing how fast Android will dethrone the iPad. Everybody agrees that’ll eventually happen — it’s just a matter of how fast.

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Source: Gartner

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